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Web Map Button Enabling individuals, neighborhood groups, religious congregations, and other
agencies to serve at-risk youth and adults with a complete non-profit
franchise-type system of outside-of-school educational programming since 1980

Do You Believe...that students can dedicate themselves to learning

in spite of
  • emotional and behavioral problems?

  • the socio-economic challenges of poverty?

  • the absence of parental interest in education?

Believe it or not, it happens every day in LEARNING CLUBŪ...
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  • Despite rigorous discipline and a demanding curriculum,
           students flock to register themselves in the program
           each year--just so they will not wind up on waiting lists.

  • When they first come to LEARNING CLUBŪ, many do not
           know yet that they have something very valuable        to give to this world. Over time, they learn how
           beautiful they are and how important are their gifts.


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