A non-sectarian ministry providing congregations, dioceses, and non-profit
agencies with a complete system of outside-of-school educational
programming for at-risk youth and adults since 1972

A Clear Vision

  • To lift apathy up to joy,

  • Move hopelessness to real expectation,

  • And wake up hatred and hostility to the unifying power of Love.

  • Statement of Purpose and Committment

    To believe in, educate, and enliven people who have little or no hope,
    for hope brings about peace and justice for everyone.

    How this goal is accomplished

    1. Through the discipline of persevering in a specific, long-range,
            incremental plan which is broken down into step-by-step,
            structured activities and methods.

    2. Through the continual reevaluation of the process set in
            motion by this plan -- a reevaluation tailored to meet the
            individual needs of each program and each participant.

    3. Through the patient work of a love which supports, confronts,
            and challenges each person to recognize her/his own unique
            ability to contribute to this world.

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