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       Star LEARNING CLUB® program founded in 1972 in
     southwest Arizona on Papago tribal lands by
     Poor Servant Sisters

Star National LEARNING CLUB® Office sponsored by Bishop Joseph
     McShea and later by Bishop Thomas Welsh, Allentown, PA

      Star Programs spread to secular and other religious groups in several states,
     each local group earning grants from different sources.

Star Publication of book, LEARNING CLUBS FOR THE POOR, by Paulist Press
     in 1984. (Book presently available only to individuals starting
     new programs.).

      Star Model programs received award from the Pennsylvania Association of
     Housing and Redevelopment Agencies in 1988.

Star Charitable Entrepreneurship Program started whereby individuals can join the
     LC® Network as "franchisee" Program Directors.
     Enables individuals and neighborhood groups to start LC® Programs
     without need for agency sponsorship. 2001

      Star First Regional LC® Ministry Office opens in Boston, MA with the
     help of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. 2001

Star International LEARNING CLUB® Foundation set up to find funds to help
     support network of interdependent LEARNING CLUB® groups. 2002

      Star To donate to National LEARNING CLUB® expansion sponsored by
     Poor Servant Ministries, CLICK HERE

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