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Youth Speak

"I like to get called to learn more."
                   Maria, age 8

"I am 11 years old and in the fifth grade. This is my third year in
   the LEARNING CLUB®. Before I started I wasn't so good in
   reading and math. LC helped me to bring my grades up to A's
   and B's. I have been on the honor roll ever since. I enjoy
   going to school and hardly ever miss a day. I have learned to
   save my points instead of spending them right away."

                  John, age 11

"I can come and do work and take a lot off my mind."
                  Nicky (girl) , age 14

"LEARNING CLUB is the funnest thing in the world."    
                  Angel, age 9

"LEARNING CLUB makes you smarter."
                  Joey, age 10

"LEARNING CLUB® help to improve my community, and is
   light to the children. I wish I had this program when I was
   growing up."

                  Jesus, age 18

"It made the best out of me."
                  Michael, age 8

"LEARNING CLUB helped me realize how smart I am. I
   know now that if I try hard, I could achieve anything I
   really wanted."

                  Leah, age 13 (attended LC since second grade)

"I started LEARNING CLUB® in third grade. Because of
   LEARNING CLUB® I am good in school, especially math. It
   really affected my life in a good way. I have tutored kids in LC
   since I was in sixth grade. What kept me tutoring for five
   years is the fact that I had responsibilities to be there and
   tutor. I'd rather be at LC than being at home in bed."

                  Tammie, age 16 (now graduated from a community college)

"I wish everyone could experience the warmth of
   LEARNING CLUB®...This program helped me become
   the 'A' student that I am. It taught me to be a

                  Tim, age 18 (now a senior in college)

"The Good Lord only knows what would have happened to me
   if I didn't have LEARNING CLUB® and the people there to
   help me realize that just because I came from a project, I
   didn't have to end up in one."

                  Rhonda, College graduate, (attended LEARNING CLUB® from
                  third grade through most of high school, also volunteered in the
                  program for four years)

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