What is Learning Club®
For the Students:

      A Club to belong to,
            fun, pride, achievement, and joy!
            --not a remedial program which
                  students are obligated to attend.

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For LEARNING CLUB® Directors and Staff:

      A very detailed program which energizes staff
            because they see progressive changes in students.
            --not a program which produces staff burnout
                  so that you are always starting over again.

For the Sponsoring Congregation or Agency:

      A complete and proven system of operation from
            grassroots set-up to end-of-year program
                  evaluation and everything in between.
            --no need to reinvent the wheel
                  when it comes to all the specific details
                  involved in any good program.

For Those Who Believe in
                  the Power of Wisdom and Goodness:

      A Ministry of genuine compassion,
            connecting love with discipline and accountability.
            --not just a touchy, feel-good program.

For Those Who Like Technical Definitions:

      LEARNING CLUB® is an outside-of-school
            educational system comparable in methods
                  and results to expensive, highly structured,
                       for profit learning centers.

            --not just another after-school educational program

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