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School Teachers/Counselors

"I know many of the teachers feel as I do--our students who
   attend LEARNING CLUB® are showing progress in Reading
   and Mathematics. "

                  Learning Support Teacher, Public elementary School

"Students that participate in the Club are generally near the top
   of their class section (Direct carry-over to the classroom)."

                  Urban public middle school math teacher, PA

"In my fifteen yeas in the classroom, I have rarely seen such
   highly motivated children. The rules are strict and the staff
   enforce them, but the atmosphere is not tense or strained.
   Obviously, the hour is precious to staff and students alike. It's
   the closest thing to a teacher's utopia because the kids really
   are thirsty to learn."

                  School Sister of St. Francis, Community Education Coordinator

"The atmosphere of the LC is warm and friendly. I really liked
   the soft music playing. I am amazed that after a full day at
   school, the children worked so well and were so cooperative."

                  Public school Instructional Support Teacher, PA

"Teachers who have students for two years or more see
   the difference LC has made for their students.
   Teachers feel that the children who attend LC exhibit
   more confidence and a willingness to try. One teacher
   commented that if children do not understand
   something, they are not uncomfortable with asking and
   seek to understand the material before continuing."

                  Public school counselor, public elementary school, Pennsylvania

The children always have positive things to say about
   this program. They are encouraged to learn and use
   good study skills. You provide a valuable service for
   our students.

                  Teacher, Public elementary school

"I was amazed at the children's enthusiasm and
   eagerness to learn."

                  High school teacher

"The obvious result of this program is that it works! It gives
   students a taste of having control of their lives and
   responsibility for the choices they make."

                  Public high school teacher whose son volunteered in a LC Program

"Though some educators might consider such a program as a
   traditionalistic "back to basics"
   approach, it seems to be a much needed complement
   to the curricula existing in our schools today."

                  Religious Sister, teacher, Albany, NY

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