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School District Administrators

"...the services that are offered through the LEARNING CLUB®
   are extremely effective with many of the young people within
   our school system. We have seen a great deal of success,
   especially in motivating young people in the learning

                  Superintendent of Schools, City School District, PA

"I'm always impressed with the productivity of the
   students...This program provides a valuable after-
   school program experience for those who would not
   get it otherwise."

                  Assistant Superintendent, City School District, PA

"LC addresses the academic problems, needs, and
   solutions for education now and into the next
   millennium. This program should be implemented
   state-wide. Put simply, children are learning."

                  Assistant principal, Louisiana

"Wonderful program--well organized, strong support,
   interested, motivated students. All of the ingredients for

                  Regional Executive Director of Cities in Schools in PA

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