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Religious Leaders

"A lot of people work hard, but they remain poor...Education is
   the way you are going to break through the circle of poverty.
   The LEARNING CLUB® offers hope to many young people
   and their families who have very little to hope in. I saw this
   hope in the eyes of the students. I was greatly impressed with
   their enthusiasm in learning."

                  Missionary visitor from Arkansas

"I was stunned at the quiet, serious work being done by
   pupils of an age when I would expect more squirming
   around. As I walked around, I saw the oral checking of
   learning so that it cannot be faked by copying excellent idea, carefully planned and
   thoughtfully executed. "

                  Pastor, PA

"I hope one day LEARNING CLUB's will be in every city. The
   gap is getting wider and wider between the classes. and while
   education isn't the whole answer to social injustice, it is part
   of creating an awareness that can lead to effective
   organization for real change."

                  National author, speaker and theologian

"The children all knew what to do. Classical music added
   to the cheerful ambiance. There is an order and
   routine that reinforces a positive learning

                  Rabbi, Easton, PA

"What a joy to observe the LC today...I was impressed with the
   learning environment, the positive staff/student interaction
   and the self-discipline of the students."

                  Director of Lay Ministries and former educator

"I find your apostolate very effective besides
   being a much-needed Church presence to the
   housing projects. Such a program effectively
   keeps youngsters in school, restores a certain
   dignity and pride, encourages them to persevere
   through problems on their own, and generally,
   positively boosts their self-concept."

                  Religious brother, S.M., Administrator, NJ

"Though some educators might consider such a program as a
   traditionalistic "back to basics" approach, it seems to be a
   much needed complement to the curricula existing in our
   schools today."

                  Sister of the Holy Name, Teacher, NY

"Your LEARNING CLUB® Programs are indeed unique and
   effective in providing inner city youth with self-esteem,
   somebodiness, structure, discipline, respect for rules, and a
   thirst for education... Your volunteers from the community
   provide excellent role modes of success as well as racial and
   ethnic diversity."

                  Visiting Diocesan Vice Chancellor for Community Relations, NY

LEARNING CLUB® Programs are cited in the magazine
   AMERICA as an example of the "indigenous school of
   North American liberation theology....whereby changing
   existing institutions is the way to change social systems...

                  From article, "Northern Liberation Theology," AMERICA (1/26/85)

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