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"I feel very proud of my daughter. She learned more about
   reading and math. Also she learned how to grow up and deal
   with people, to have better behavior at home and in the

                  Victor, parent

"Me gusta el LEARNING CLUB porque mis ninos aprenden, y
   es bueno por que si ellos no hacen las cosas bien, ellos no
   pueden ganar sus puntos."

                  Milagros, mother

"Alina's progress in school has really been great
   since she has been coming to LEARNING CLUB®. In
   the TELLS state-wide test, she is now an average
   student,showing way above average in

                  Alina's mother

"Volunteering in LEARNING CLUB® has helped me see how
   children learn. It helped me see another side of the
   kids--They want to learn when they come here. When
   they see us they really are happy and glad they're here."

                  Parent Volunteer whose children come to LEARNING CLUB®

"Mis comentarios son buenos porque a mis ninos le encanto
   mucho y aprendieron, y hacian todo lo posible por siempre
   llegar temprano y estar presente ya que aqui en este programa
   siempre les esperaba algo que aprender yen que cosas
   entretenerse. "Thank you" por tener paciencia con mis hijos.
   Estoy muy agradecida."

                  Gertrudis, mother

"This program gives Jacob a goal to work toward and I
   think it is the best thing we have in our neighborhood.
   He learns not only school work, but also discipline and
   how to become a better person."


"LC has showed my son to be more interested in his grades and
   to finally finish something he started."


"My daughter moved to the top reading group in class since
   she has been coming to LC."


"It's taught my daughter to have better work and
   study habits."


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