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Not-for-profit Agencies
(including board members)

"When we went to United Way with our plans to start an after-
   school educational program, they told us they were interested
   in seeing us start a LEARNING CLUB® Program. They
   directed us to the National LEARNING CLUB® Office. That
   year United Way gave us a grant to start the program."

                  Ecumenical social services agency, PA

"If I had not seen it, I would never have believed it. Imagine
   this: 23 seven to thirteen year olds marching in, picking up
   their books and working steadily for 60 minutes. The
   LEARNING CLUB® is incredible."

                  Executive Director, regional branch of a national youth organization

"As an agency board member, I am proud to be associated
   with this program and realize now the importance of our
   fund raising and board work."

                   Board member of agency operating LEARNING CLUB® Program

"Having a clear understanding of LEARNING CLUB®
   objectives is not enough. One needs to see the program in
   action, to fully absorb the positive effects a program like this
   can have on at-risk youth. There should be a Learning Club
   in every housing project in every city."

                  Events Manager, youth agency operating LC Program

"As an agency board member, I can't believe I have
   waited this long to visit the LEARNING CLUB®. The
   staff and students have given me the spirit to believe
   in the future of our children and the educational

                  Board member of an agency operating LEARNING CLUB® Program

" I was quite impressed: the room was orderly, the students
   worked intently. The method of testing and scoring
   students on their progress is clearly defined. The staff are
   keenly aware of each student's progress."

                  Local President, Junior Achievement

" I'm always impressed with the atmosphere in the LC. The staff
   is so well organized and the learning conditions for the
   students are right on target."

                  Executive. Director, local branch, Volunteers of America, LA

"Stopping at the LEARNING CLUB® from time to time is
   always an uplifting experience for me--to see kids working
   voluntarily after school."

                  Athletic Director, Boys Club, VA

"It is truly heartening to see these kids working on their own
   and thriving as their skills improve. It makes me proud to be
   board member of this agency."

                  Board member of an agency operating LEARNING CLUB® Program

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