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"What a wonderful learning environment. The kids were so
   focused on learning that the presence of our cameras didn't
   even bother them."

                  News anchor reporter, local TV station

"If educational programs were graded, as students are, for
   fulfilling objectives and requirements, this program
   would definitely rate an A."

                  Education Services Director of local newspaper in her article on LC

"It was intensive one-on-one academics, the kind that might be
   used to prepare for competition in a scholastic bowl. But the
   educational encounter didn't take place in an honors program
   where bright, college-bound kids are challenged to excel.
   These students were sitting across old procelain-top tables in a
   public housing project community center where there is
   probably a better chance of dropping out of school than

                   Journalist, from article on LC in local newspaper

"You cannot give people dignity and self-respect, but you can
   structure an environment in which they can discover and
   experience their own self-worth."

                  (Excerpt from the Paulist Press Book on LEARNING CLUB® Programs , 1984)

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