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LEARNING CLUB® Directors/Staff (including volunteers)

"Kids told me they wanted to buy cereal and milk with their
   points, so I went to the neighborhood food bank and got these
   and other items. Cake mixes and pop corn are hot sellers, too.
   The kids are proud that they have worked to earn these items
   which they share with their families."

                  LEARNING CLUB® Local Program Director, PA

"The kids become like family. You so want them to succeed.
   I'm doing everything I can to fund an additional summer
   program. I hate to see them lose precious learning time
   during the summer."

                  LEARNING CLUB® Local Program Director, OH

"When I first volunteered to work in this program, I was
   frustrated. Because the program is so structured, I
   did not appreciate my personal contribution (beyond
   the obvious time). Eventually I saw the LEARNING
   CLUB® as a microcosm of our journey in life--a search
   for meaning that must start with the individual's

                  Engineer, Air Products and LC Volunteer

"I look forward to coming to LC after a full day in school. It
   gives me the energy to return to school the next day."

                  Public school teacher who works in a LEARNING CLUB® Program

"Some children do show attitudes when they have a problem.
   Even though they have the right to get up and leave the
   program, they don't go. They get the feeling that there are
   people here who care about them and it makes them care
   about themselves."

                  LEARNING CLUB® Instructional Aide

"Volunteering in LEARNING CLUB® has helped me see how
   children learn. It helped me see another side of the
   kids--They want to learn when they come here. When
   they see us they really are happy and glad they're

                  Parent Volunteer whose children come to LEARNING CLUB®

"I enjoyed very much the opportunity to work with such an energetic
   and interested group of young people. I thank you for introducing
   our organization to this program."

                  Volunteer, President of Black Professional Organization, PA

"You can almost feel life happening to these kids--
   unfortunate circumstances and all--and yet they
   somehow shine through, reaching and optimistic.
   This experience has redefined how I view the so-
   called "underprivileged." They are very human
   and, fundamentally, seek the same dignity and
   sense of self that all desire."

                  Engineer and LC Volunteer

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