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Government/Housing Authority Officials

"Consistently, LEARNING CLUB® rates as one of the most
   productive human service agencies we work to
   instill the importance of learning respect and caring is a huge
   task. Not like so many programs that have tried, this
   program accomplishes."

                  Project Coordinator for Human Services,
                  City Community Development Block Grant Program, PA

"I will be brief...This program is amazing!!"
                  City Economic Opportunity Officer

"I was favorably impressed with the level of
   instruction, the interest of the teachers, and
   the eagerness of the students to learn."

                  PA Community Development Representative, HUD

"We of the Authority staff have been looking for such a credible
   program for a long while. We endorse it wholeheartedly, and
   hope the service will remain as the need is painfully

                  Social Services Director of City Public Housing Authority
                  after only one year of LEARNING CLUB® Program operation. After 17
                  years LEARNING CLUB® is still operating at this site.

"The Board Members have approved your request for funds for
   the coming year...The Authority is appreciative of the
   educational services you are providing."

                  Executive Directory of city public housing authority in PA
                  (Grant renewed annually since 1982)

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