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Foundation Officers

"A serene island humming with minds at work, listening,
   trying, learning, trying again, and growing. A safe place to
   make mistakes and start over with encouragement. A
   challenging place to succeed with recognition and reward. A
   fine program."

                  Executive Director, local foundation, PA

"What I see here today excites me. Rarely do you see a
   learning experience outside the formalized setting
   that strives to enhance learning while building self-
   esteem and character. I closed my eyes and felt good
   about what my ears could see!"

                  Trustee, an education foundation in Canada

"The self-discipline and independent work struck me."
                  Local foundation representative, PA

"Wonderful learning environment....the children
   eager to learn."
                  City community foundation officer, OH

"I enjoyed the opportunity to observe the program. It is well organized,
   children working independently and with assistance when needed. It is
   an excellent effort to provide learning opportunities for poor children
   beyond the traditional school setting."

                  Director, local foundation, PA

"Very positive place to visit. I believe you are making a
   difference in kids lives."

                  Community foundation representative, LA

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