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Business Leaders

"A very professional plan--start to finish!"
                  Sales Consultant, Public Relations Firm

"Impressive!!! Finally a program which is geared for results and
   solutions, not just temporary reprieve. The program is
   extremely well-thought out in every respect. Learning is not
   just contained to math and reading, but also covers basic

                  Project Manager, Construction Company

"I know how I hate to take work home, and here are
   youngsters who are learning to push themselves to
   greater ability levels--on their own initiative.
   That alone I find as quite amazing."

                  EO Associate, AT & T

"I was particularly pleased to see the orientation toward
   performance-based learning..."

                   General Manager, Technical Planning & Research Services

"You seem to foster an attitude of responsibility above
   all else and that lesson is one which will follow the
   children every day of their lives. Full speed forward!"

                  Insurance Company President

"Impressive--I felt an intense desire to learn in the room.
   Knowing where these kids are coming from, their
   motivation and eagerness is admirable."

                  Advertising Director, Publishing and Research Company

"The skills taught at the LEARNING CLUB® are providing our
   future adult citizens with knowledge essential to think for
   themselves, giving them confidence to move forward with
   personal and scholastic development."

                  Proprietor, Design Firm

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